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(Little Hollywood Records)

Release date: Oct 13th, 2017

1. Love Don't Live Around Here

2. Little Devil

3. I'm Just A Man

4. Destination Unknown

5. Bring The Flood

6. Right Kind Of Woman

7. So Tired

8. She Never Loved Me

9. When The Darkness Comes

10. Heavy Weather



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(Little Hollywood Records)
Release date: April 22, 2016
1. Southern Moon
2. Nothing I Won't Do
3. What's Wrong With My Heart
4. Still Got Time
5. Hey Joanna
6. Trouble In Mind
7. Tell It To The Judge
8. This Old House
9. Stop Playing With My Heart
10. Hold Me Tight



Derek hoke wal cover lp final
(Electric Western Records / Thirty Tigers)
Released: August 2012

1.   Lonely Street
2.   Waiting All Night
3.   Sweetheart Letter
4.   Hope We Make It On Love
5.   Gone Gone Gone
6.   So Quiet
7.   Love May Die
8.   Mean Mama
9.   Cumberland Blues
10.  Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
11.  Running Away

This ain't your daddy's country music. It's your grand dad's country music. And yours too. Re-imagined for 2012. WAITING ALL NIGHT, The brand new album from Derek Hoke includes the singles "Sweetheart Letter" and "Lonely Street". The 11-track album was recorded in Nashville with producer Dexter Green and features appearances by acclaimed musicians such as Jason Isbell, Caitlin Rose, Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes / Raconteurs), Cory Chisel, Nikki Lane, Chris Scruggs and more.


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Gorgeous 180 Gram vinyl. Includes free download of digital files.  A must have for collectors and music lovers.

Download card included inside


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 Digi Pak CD version of Derek Hoke's Waiting All Night.


Dhoke gbrnr cover
(Electric Western Records)
Released: March 2010

1.   Goodbye Rock N Roll
2.   The Finer Things
3.   Hot On The Heels Of Love
4.   Not Too Late
5.   Rain, Rain, Rain
6.   Where'd You Sleep Last Night?
7.   Still Waiting
8.   End Of The River
9.   Sweet Pea
10.  I Think I Really Love You

Turn your amps down low. Despite the title, Rock N Roll makes its way into Hoke's classic country sound. The result is an album about two dollar suits, sweet peas and the finer things in life.


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